Real People. Real Love. Real Magic.

Welcome to a new kind of Reality TV. MallisonTV. 

Where you’ll find Real People. Real Love. Real Magic.

The entire cast & crew of MallisonTV are students of the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, and week after week we play together in the most delicious of ways, allowing our vibrational set-points to raise higher and higher on topic after topic.

And our shows on MallisonTV allow you direct access to watching us do it.

And by watching us do it, you’ll find yourself naturally and easily releasing your own resistance and vibrating in even more harmony and resonance with your own inner being and Source.

Your love of self will grow. Your love of others will become more. Your love of life will blossom in magnificent ways.

Authenticity, love, freedom, joy, fun, openness, connection, and abundance of all good things - you'll find that here on MallisonTV.

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The Gina and Opra Sessions 

Access to Gina and Opra's Private 1:1 Sessions

Since 2019, Gina has had over 120 private 1:1 coaching sessions with Opra.

Gina knew that the content of these sessions would someday be released to the public.

We are so excited to say that the time is now.