The Mallison Method Training Program

Class of 2024


Come learn the magic with us!

My desire for others to know the magic that I know is what inspired me to create The Mallison Method Training Program.

This program is dedicated to those who want to immerse themselves in this high-vibe goodness... to learn, practice, and master this phenomenal calibration method so they can experience life with more freedom, love, connection, peace, ease and joy. AND MAGIC.

For those of you who want to positively impact people around you by becoming a professional coach—I’m excited to tell you that this program offers incredible guidance for creating an incredibly satisfying coaching business (or enhance one that you already have) by teaching you how to let go of the 'rules' and instead tap into your brilliant intuition. Allowing it to unfold naturally and organically with ease.

No matter what your intention is in joining this training program, you will experience life-changing results for yourself and others around you.

And best of all - we're gonna have a whole lotta fun!


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Example of how your desires can unfold naturally, with ease

When Tina joined the program last August, she LOVED giving calibrations to friends - it became one of her favorite things to do because it felt so good to her, and made such a huge impact for them. Deliciousness indeed.

She wasn't trying to have money flow in from this, but it landed in her lap out of the blue, a friend wanting to buy a package.

Watch the calibration that takes place that gets her into alignment with allowing all this goodness!

More videos can be found here:


Watch this energy move easily from restless & impatient to light & playful 

Energy wants to move - it's when we're resisting it, that it becomes uncomfortable and "more". Mallison Method calibrations are SO effective in giving the person a safe container to acknowledge the current energy/emotion, and open themselves up to allow the energy to move in the direction it's wanting.

And on the other side of that allowing - is delicious feelings AND clarity about the topic that was previously "stuck".

More videos can be found here:


Ania Shares her Experience

Ania Fields didn't come into this program with an intention of becoming a professional coach - but one easy thing led to another and now she has a deliciously satisfying coaching business:

"I wanted to learn it so much - I saw the possibilities that were there - I could help my kids, I could help my family, help my friends even though I'm not a coach! I just knew this is something that would work for everybody and there was an immediate resonance in my being - I need to, I want to learn it!" (Note: Mallison Method was called the Evoke Method when she started with us)